Indoor-Outdoor Mat - Bold Black & White

Indoor-Outdoor Mat - Bold Black & White

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Amazing indoor-outdoor rugs.  Can't beat the durability on these guys. They won't fade, won't shed... You can hose them off, they're mold, mildew and chlorine resistant!  Use them at your doorways to get grime off your shoes, or in the kitchen as a cushy, washable floor mat option.  The possibilities are endless. 

  • Safe for wood floors and other floor types.

  • Phthalate free

  • Made in USA

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Care instructions

- Vacuum, shake out or hose off with water to clean. Hang to dry.
- Good in all weather. Quick to dry.
- Mold, mildew and chlorine resistant.
- Do not lay on top of rubber floor or place objects made of rubber on top of the mat. Discoloration of the mat or floor may occur. 
- We recommend that you occasionally lift, move and air out your shag mat. Although our shag mats are mold-resistant, the flooring underneath them may not be.